Mobile Offices Raleigh

Shipping containers are a great construction medium and perfect for storage in general. From at-home storage solutions to on-site construction material storage, a shipping container is the perfect thing to securely hold all of your stuff. Containers can be delivered onsite with only one truck, and can be then moved again anywhere you may need with just one truck. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller home and you know you won’t be able to store all of your things inside the house, a container would be perfect for both moving your things and storing other things once you do arrive. Kill two birds with one stone! The concept of having a storage container at your home or business or construction site can be strange, but it’s really a fantastic solution. They’re extremely secure, weather-resistant, and can hold just about anything you may need or imaging.

Portable Shipping Container Office

Shipping containers can be found in variations from 10 to 40 feet, but most commonly you’re going to run across 20 foot variants. This is the standard that you’re going to see just about everywhere you go. These containers fit together in stacks and beside one another very well, they’re designed for efficiency. Other than that, you can also find containers in 10 and 40-foot sizes. These are far less common, but you should still be able to find them readily available. The 40’ is better for large applications or storage of large machines or goods. The 10’ is going to be better for home use and easy portability. The size that’s best for you just comes down to your preferences and what works best for your needs. Most people will be just fine with a 10 or 20-foot container. Not only are these extremely customizable but the security they offer is unmatched, they are far stronger than any simple wooden structure could ever be. What really sets them apart is the fact that conex containers are designed for security, whereas that’s something you really have to plan to implement properly to any degree yourself. Shipping containers are designed to pass over the open ocean for weeks at a time and through multiple ports of entry without anything happening to the potentially perishable goods inside it. So regardless of if you need an office to draw up plans and review massive detailed diagrams or you’re looking to set up a few computer terminals so you and/or your employees can stay connected on the go.

Uses for Your Ground Level Mobile Container Office

Construction: Any sizable construction office is going to need a good base of operations, and that’s just what we make our mobile ground-level offices for. You will now have all the space you need to lay out plans, make last-minute changes, and just have a central base of operation. For all of your workers, it can also serve as a great place to get out of the sun for a bit on a hot day. These offices can have storage space added so you can store all the files and plans you need right on-site. Break Rooms: Be it for workers at an outdoor fair or construction, a mobile office is the perfect place to hang out and warm up/cool down. Don’t worry, with just a little siding put up inside you would never know you’re inside a metal container! We can ensure you have all the right connections to run electricity so you really can do whatever you need. Special Events: Special events and festivals are the perfect opportunities to use our mobile office containers. Often times festivals and special events are held in parks or open fields, which leaves you all the room you may need to use a shipping container office. An office gives management a place to meet a discuss things, keep all critical devices charged, anything needed. They can be used as main offices, meeting points, first aid station locations, and so much more in and around the Raleigh Triangle area. We’ll gladly rent out our container office to you so you can have a successful event!

Raleigh Storage Containers

Storage mobility is important to a lot of people. Being able to have your storage move with you if need be is such a nice luxury. If you use the old fashion storage units, you surely know what a pain it is to have to drive out to it every single time you want to add or take something out of it. Sheds are better because they’re generally right in your backyard, but they’re not nearly as permanent or mobile as shipping containers are. Once you put them down, they pretty much stay there no matter what. A container can be picked up and loaded onto an 18 wheeler and driven wherever you want or need it, now that is true mobility. So in summary, storage containers are the superior solution for virtually all of your storage and transport needs. It can hold all of your construction equipment securely and it can also store millions of old files and keep them safe from any elements. It can be moved as you need it to, meaning it can truly stay with you wherever you go. If you need a good amount of at-home or on-site storage, you’re only hurting yourself by not investing in a good quality portable office rental Raleigh, NC. So do yourself a favor, get out to a reputable container dealer, talk to them, and get the container that you want!